The 97th Annual Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial is the oldest of its kind in New Mexico.
Please come and enjoy song, dance, exhibits, parades, pageantry, powwows and award-winning film screenings, in the heart of Indian Country. Our unique event will give you pause and enjoyment. or call 505.863.3896 or email


“Chasing Coral” The biggest story of our changing climate is hidden beneath the waves Friday and Saturday night at 6 pm Q and A to follow

“Defending the Fire” There will always be warriors Friday and Saturday night at 8 pm Q and A to follow


“Skindigenous” The series on the art of tattooing as practiced by indigenous people around the world. 1 pm Friday and Saturday

“Up Heartbreak Hill” Looking at the next generations of Native Americans and their struggles to live in two worlds. 1:30 pm Friday and Saturday

“Water is Life” The beauty of song and water 2:45 pm Friday and Saturday

“Delores” One women’s amazing fight for racial and labor justice 3:00 pm Friday and Saturday

Workshop for Children 8 to 12 years old Children’s workshop “how to make a short commercial” 11 am to 1 pm on Saturday

Children’s workshop “making a short commercial” 5 pm to 6 pm Saturday