As the originator and creator of Native Film Series, I have always loved the art of filmmaking. As a photographer myself for well of quarter of a century, I respect the process of creating a story that moves and has breath in each frame.

Native Film Series has been the place for Native Filmmakers to showcase their talents in the genres of documentary, shorts, animations and feature films. Our mission is to “Provide a stage for Native Filmmakers to Share their Stories”. Now in it’s 5th year, Native Film Series has kept the mission true to it’s idea. Our selected films must have authentic content, cultural awareness and a story that can resonant with the audience. Native Film Series re-directs proceeds at the door to programs within the community that foster families and children, clean energy and health prevention. I have always believed that giving makes its way back to receiving each time you show love to someone else. Thank you to all my past contributors both in Film and in community.

Enjoy the show!


Lisa E. Rodriguez