"Providing a stage for Native Americans to share their stories"

Native Film Series honors the Native American filmmaker like no other in that content is authentic and true to the belief of Native culture and their way of life.

  • 2017

    August 3rd


    Trader's Night at 5pm and a Premiere of "Eagle Huntress" at 7pm and a Premiere of "Tanna" at 9 pm

  • 2017

    August 4th


    Matinee 11am "Mayor of Shiprock" 1pm "Navajo Math Circles" 3pm "Metal Road" Premiere of "Eagle Huntress at 7pm and a Premiere of "Tanna" at 9pm

  • 2017

    August 5th


    Matinee 11am "Mayor of Shiprock" 1pm "Navajo Math Circles" 3pm "Metal Road"

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Native Film Series honors the Native American filmmaker like no other in that content is authentic and true to the belief of Native culture and their way of life.

All films will show at the Historic El Morro Theatre in Downtown Gallup, New Mexico

The Eagle Huntress

This spellbinding documentary follows Aisholpan, a 13-year-old nomadic Mongolian girl who is fighting to become the first female eagle hunter in twelve generations of her Kazakh family.

Through breathtaking aerial cinematography and intimate verite footage, the film captures her personal journey while also addressing universal themes like female empowerment, the natural world, coming of age and the onset of modernity.

Has won the Audience Award at Middleburg Film Festival and The Mill Valley Film Festival / Won Best Documentary Feature at The Hampton International film festival.


On the tiny Pacific island of Tanna in the Vanuatu archipelago, the younger members of two native tribes are growing restless at the restrictions of their cultural traditions.

Especially upset are Wawa and Dain, whose secret plan to wed is thwarted by rival chiefs, and rather than submit, the young couple disappears into the jungle.

A 2017 Academy Award Nominee for Best Foreign Language Film

The Mayor of Shiprock

Every Monday in the small community of Shiprock, New Mexico, a group of young Navajo leaders meet to decide how they will help their community.

For over seven years, the Northern Dine Youth Committee has worked to give youth opportunities to directly make changes within their community. But while the NDYC works to make changes, many members also consider their own futures, commitments to family and the world outside of the Shiprock.

While they love their community, they all must consider their options both on and off the reservation.

Navajo Math Circles

Navajo Math Circles follows Navajo students in a lively collaboration with mathematicians.

The math circles approach puts children in charge of exploring mathematics to their own joy and satisfaction. Applications of math in Native culture highlight the special connections between Navajo culture, natural beauty, and mathematics.

Metal Road

Metal Road explores the dynamics of livelihood, family, and the railroads through the lens of Navajo trackmen. For decades, thousands of Navajos worked the railroads maintaining the trans-continental network in the US.

Metal Road enters the world of Navajo families amid history of railroad work through the lends of one workday on the 9001 Heavy Steel Gang. Replacing rails on over 64,000 miles of track, the unknown journey of Navajo trackmen in the United States reveals an invisible group of workers striving to earn retirement benefits and inspires us to rethink the "American" work ethic.

The Venue - El Morro Theatre in Gallup

The historic El Morro Theatre in Gallup, New Mexico is a community cinema and performing arts center.

Designed by noted theater architect Carl Boller, the facility opened in 1928 as a "castle of pleasure and art." It shares a common heritage with the KiMo Theater in Albuquerque and the Lensic Theater in Santa Fe, both also being Boller-designed theaters.

Today, the 460-seat theater is used for film exhibition and performing arts. The building is the only example of Spanish Colonial Baroque Architecture in western New Mexico. In 2015, the city dedicated the El Morro Events Center, a multi-purpose meeting facility that is connected to the historic theater.